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Service of real estate searching

Finding the right property to buy is the beginning of a more successful life! Are you ready to realize your life dream?
You will be, because together we will:
- analyze what kind of real estate you want to buy
- we will search for the property through agreed channels
- we will process and check the found properties
- we will tour the shortlisted properties
- we will be with you when signing the sales pre-agreement, contract and obtaining the tabular document
- you will pay the brokerage fee in monthly installments
- we will celebrate together when you register in the land register

Service of selling a real estate

Selling a property is often a long, slow, painful and emotional process! Do you have a trusted agent on your side?
What are you expecting from the agent who represents you?
- open relationship and transparent, proactive sale of real estate
- accurate reporting on customers and offers
- commitment, accessibility and friendly approach,
- joint control over the property until the realization of the purchase and sale
- we are with you until we make the handover record and the new owner is registered in the land register
- we celebrate together when the money goes to your account
We treat each real estate
as if it is our own.
We approach each one differently,
from another perspective.
Ivana Domović, Verus Villam

Real estates

Take a look at real estates in our portfolio

Verus Villam d.o.o.

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A modern and innovative approach
We are sensitized to the inconveniences that are present in the real estate business.
The business approach of "Verus Villam", in addition to striving for efficient real estate sales and finding real estate for clients, is based on relieving stress and all possible feelings of frustration inherent in the real estate buying process. Therefore, expect different headlines in the ads and a different way of achieving your goal in general.
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Adequate client-agent relationship
A good relationship between agent and client is based on aligned expectations.
Only an absolutely open relationship and transparent work can lead us to the desired results.
Are you ready for such cooperation?
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The man before the real estate
Have you already experienced some unpleasant situation in the real estate business? Did you feel frustrated? Did you feel discomfort? These are, in fact, rhetorical questions. We founded this agency because, despite the ultimate goal of selling real estate, we put the person we are doing business with first, not the real estate.
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We are happy to share our experiences with you

Texts by: Ivana Domovic, CEO of Verus Villam d.o.o.
Kako od „u nadi je spas“, doći do „u istini je spas“ i to jednim telefonskim razgovorom?

?? Ako na kraju telefonskog razgovora dobijem odgovor “razmislit ćemo pa ćemo se javiti” znam da sam ili negdje pogriješila u razgovoru ili razgovor još nije gotov. ❓ Kako od

Ovo nije vaš agent. Ovo nije vaš klijent.

? “Ovo nije vaš agent. Ovo nije vaš klijent.” – naziv je moje nove kolumne na portalu Gradimo Zadar. ? ?? Ovog puta sam se obratila svima: agentima, kupcima i


? Više nije nova vijest da sam promijenila pravila igre na našem tržištu nekretnina. ❓ Imate li pitanja za mene vezana uz uslugu traženja nekretnina? ☎️ Ako vas zanima nešto

We are not just focused on selling
or searching for a real estate, but on people as well.

It is important to us to get to know your needs,
through honest communication.

Ivana Domović, Verus Villam

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Establishing good contact with an agent is more important than buying or selling real estate quickly. This kind of contact allows you to be familiar with the details of the business at any time, which is very important, because this way you will not be subject to the stress associated with the real estate purchase and sale process. Contact us with confidence!